Anbbit Insight | Next Big Cryptocurrency to Invest on 2021: NFT? DeFi? BTC?

NFT | Recent popular word

Do you know about NFT?

If you do not know it, you may need to search for it on the Internet now. Why? Because you can see that NFT has become the most popular item on Google Trends. How it becomes so fascinating for the participators in the cryptocurrency field?

To date from the origin, there will be several reasons. As the very first on human development history, before humans created the character, they drew on the stone, or wall to record the history. Now drawing is so popular in the cryptocurrency field, which seems to back to ancient times.

Drawing on the cryptocurrency will be less limitation for everyone to join and create their artworks. People can create the works without any pressure and anyone has the chance to be popular and own a high reputation with the convenience and advantage that NFT has provided.

NFT motivates enthusiasm of being artists. Almost all kids regard drawing as an interesting thing. However now, people can create the painting or other kind of the art forms like Video to participate the auction, even some of them can be fetched to a high price.

We also can see there are many famous figures and institutions joined this field. Recently Elon Musk is a well-known representative of cryptocurrency and traditional investment fields because of his positive support and brilliant thoughts.

Anbbit | Elon Mask’s Tweet about NFT

He has joined this field for a long time and has got good returns on the auction. Some famous singer has posted some tickets and albums to participate on NFT. As Marvel’s hero is so popular around the world, a unique Spiderman drawing by Marvel comics artist Adam Kubert has sold for 12.75 Ether (ETH) ($25,000) after being turned into a non-fungible token on the Ethereum blockchain. Also, another famous superhero producer DC announced that they are exploring the chance to enter the market with NFTs including both new arts created specifically for the NFT art.

These are just a very small part of the examples from NFT fields. With more and more traditional artists participating in this industry, it will fuel the development of this industry. As common people, there will be a chance for more people to make a profit with their unique creation of art.

DeFi | Popular and Acceptable by investors

As a big part of the crypto market, DeFi has been regarded as the most promising class whatever of finance or technique.

Due to the nature of the DeFi itself, the decentralized finance will eliminate some disadvantages of traditional finance. Less human intervention, transparent and open to anyone, and interoperable, these features of DeFi will attract more people to devote to this industry.


Also, now most participators join the DeFi fields by yield farming, token trading, and so on. As the field trends to become more and more mature, there must be more segmentation and derivatives. Derivatives are one of the important parts of capital liquidity, which can hedge the uncertainty in the future. There will be more and more various form derivatives emerge such as the futures trading like dYdX and Perpetual, options trading like open, and the perpetual contract trading on a centralized exchange like Anbbit.

Why do we consider DeFi as a significant part? Let’s check some data here.

According to the survey by Xangle, they have asked over 350 accredited investors about the opinion on DeFi.

67% of investors have heard about the DeFi and 90% of the respondents who knew about DeFi were to invest DeFi over the next year.

This is good news to show many investors think that DeFi is a promising part to become one of the investment portfolios.

Bitcoin | Big Part on Investment Portfolio

There is no doubt that Bitcoin would become the first choice for most cryptocurrency investors. We can see much evidence on the market.

The rapid increase in the price is very persuadable for most investors. However, this is only a very basic line to prove things.

Bitcoin, the origin of the cryptocurrency, now is replacing the gold in portfolios, and $100,000 may be bitcoin’s next threshold.

Funds are flowing to the benchmark crypto from gold, bonds, and stocks, as evidenced by Tesla — the world’s largest automaker, by market cap — allocating some of its wealth toward Bitcoin.

Data from JPMorgan said there will be an Exceeding on Bitcoin 1Q retail between retail and institutional investors.

This data shows that more and more investors rush into Bitcoin investment and they are very positive about the future of bitcoin.

Although there was a drawdown in the bitcoin short run, most investors and institutions keep the broader outlook and think it still remains bullish.

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