Anbbit Launches 5000U Trading Coupon Claiming Event

Claim free 5000USDT trading coupon

Anbbit, an innovative blockchain digital asset service provider and cryptocurrency perpetual contract trading platform, launched a 100–5000U coupon collection campaign at 0:00 AM (GMT) on 2021/2/27.

Users can receive a Trading Coupon according to demand, each user has only one chance to claim a Trading Coupon, after claiming, users need to complete the activation, use the process in accordance with the guidance rules, or Trading Coupon will become invalid.

Users can claim Trading Coupon according to their needs between 27th February and 8:00 AM (GMT) on 5th March, complete the activation process within 5 days and participate in the transaction.

The event lasts for 14 days and is open to contract traders, please download the Anbbit app for details.

(This event is only available for App participation only)

Users can also log on to Anbbit’s official website to participate in the deposit up to 100USDT.

(Official website:

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