Now DeFi DODO Combined Perpetual Contract on Anbbit

Try 1–50 X leverage DODO perpetual contract on Anbbit now!

Anbbit Listed DeFi project DODO USDT- margined perpetual contract.

On February 22, 2021, Anbbit, an innovative blockchain asset service provider and cryptocurrency contract trading platform, officially launched the DODO USDT margined perpetual contract at 11:00 AM(UTC). Anbbit DODO USDT margined perpetual contract support up to 50x leverage and are the first platform on the market to support high leverage perpetual contract contracts.

Based on an understanding of the entire market and the prediction of industry trends, Anbbit has boldly integrated its main business perpetual contracts with the DeFi project. As DeFi's market infrastructure continues to be optimized, the wealth-making effect becomes more apparent, the increasing number of users participate in DeFI investments in the market, which widens the trading demand for DeFi projects.

Since its inception, Anbbit has been dedicated to observing and studying user needs, continuously optimizing derivatives trading-related functions, and providing the market with a more user-friendly experience and services based on industry trends, combining rich industry experience with the real needs of cryptocurrency market trading users, innovatively proposing and continuing to make new breakthroughs.

Anbbit Listed DeFi project DODO USDT- margined perpetual contract.

Anbbit understands that in the current market, in addition to the sharp rise of the mainstream currency, DeFi projects are more active, such as well-known tokens like UMA, MTA, API3, PREP, etc., and some projects will be carried out or announced in the near future, which is one of the reasons for the recent rise in token violence.

DoDO, one of the hottest DeFi projects on the market today, is an August 2020 DEX product that proposes an IDO model called CrowdFunding Pool based on a PMM algorithm with a nonlinear price curve, which has been done at least three times so far. At present, DODO’s cumulative transaction volume has exceeded $300 million. DoDO’s rapid rise in trading volumes in the short term suggests that the demand for trading in the market still needs to be met, which is a really good opportunity for The Anbbit Exchange. Users can earn more with high leverage.

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